About us

ClaimAOW operates as a part of Robelco Tax Services. We make sure that people get the social services when they rightfully deserve to get them. We also help you when you are paying for those services when you should not have to.

Robelco Tax Services is a Dutch tax advisory firm, specialized in international income tax and social security issues. We have an outstanding track record in supporting employees working abroad and expats from all around the world working in the Netherlands. We do this with a focus on employees with a link with ships, water or water management. This is where our expertise lies. We work a lot with people working for dredging companies, cruise liners, in sea transport, the oil industry and so on.

How to reach us?

Goudsesingel 160

T +31 (0) 180 85 85 85
F +31 (0) 8 400 373 40

E info@robelco.nl
I www.robelco.nl

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